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2014/09/03 PM 09:19:02

Make Efficient Watering with AquaLean

Make Efficient Watering with AquaLean

Original AquaLean system Tap connectors, Hose connectors and Water stops are designed to be quick and reliable for use between tap and hose or hose and different appliances. AquaLean Comfort-Grip Hose connectors and Water stops offer the benefit when it comes to strong grip of modern and elegant design, as well as compatible with other brands of watering systems.

With more efficient watering with the system to start up on its own, you may choose a 
Simple mechanical timer or Electronic dial timer from AquaLean to save time and water even in your away for traveling.

For tidy storage of the hose, and to move it when you need to, in your garden, bring your system with a 
Hose reel or cart in easy connection among the tap, hose and Various sprinklers and Hand sprays from AquaLean.

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