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Company & Development Profile

A brief introduction of AquaLean:
AquaLean Manufacturing Associates Co., Ltd. is an outgrowth company from, and a close partner of, Cape Hope Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1975 by Admiral /tueb-gsuabg Yu. His daughter Ms. Daphne Yu the present president of both the companies, not only has successfully continued Cape Hope’s business in trading hardware merchandise, but also established AquaLean in 2003. A manufacturer and supplier of garden watering and other irrigation equipment, AquaLean now provides finest quality products at competitive prices to buyers from practically all part of the world, including mainly Australia, the United States, Japan and some European countries.

Development profile & vision of AquaLean
1. What we do for our buyers to gain competitive advantage
AquaLean spares no effort to ensure competitive advantage and efficiency for our buyers. By taking part in all major exhibitions, such as The National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, The Spoga + Gafa fair in Cologne, International Garden Expo Tokyo (GARDEX), and the Canton Fair in China, we introduce directly our customers to smart, efficient and sylish watering products that ensure exclusive advantage in their markets. Such and so many other competitive advantage gaining efforts for our buyers are being made all the time in areas including, for example, product designing and development, product sourcing, price offering and bargaining, and product image promotion.

2. An OEM / ODM solution to product development and manufacture
AquaLean adopts an OEM or ODM approach to developing and making products for customers. We assist them to commit qualified factories in Taiwan and China to designing and manufacturing products or parts. This sourcing, and the inspecting process thus involved, must always result in competitive quality and prices. Besides, we also help customers with product combination, putting together all the parts of a product from different venders or factories.

3. Quality control and assurance
Following product testing or inspection, AquaLean will, based on the outcome of samples , give a quality control report and, where necessary, demand remedial or corrective solution to be implemented on the vendor’s or the factory’s part. To prevent any quality risks before shipment and delivery to the buyer’s warehouse, the whole testing and inspection process includes all the way from production and assembly down to final package.

4. AquaLean serves to ensure understanding, quality, and competitiveness
AquaLean connects and communicates with and between buyer and vendor to ensure that no misunderstanding or problem occurs at any point—from product design and development, sample approval, package design, order placement, quality checks on production and packaging, and finally to shipment consolidation as well as documentation. For the buyer, we provide effective service leading to competitive advantage in product quality and prices.

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