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Make Efficient Watering with AquaLean

Make Efficient Watering with AquaLean

Original AquaLean system Tap connectors, Hose connectors and Water stops are designed to be quick and reliable for use between tap and hose or hose and different appliances. AquaLean Comfort-Grip Hose connectors and Water stops offer the benefit when it comes to strong grip of modern and elegant design, as well as compatible with other brands of watering systems.

With more efficient watering with the system to start up on its own, you may choose a 
Simple mechanical timer or Electronic dial timer from AquaLean to save time and water even in your away for traveling.

For tidy storage of the hose, and to move it when you need to, in your garden, bring your system with a 
Hose reel or cart in easy connection among the tap, hose and Various sprinklers and Hand sprays from AquaLean.


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Company & Development Profile

A brief introduction of AquaLean:
AquaLean Manufacturing Associates Co., Ltd. is an outgrowth company from, and a close partner of, Cape Hope Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1975 by Admiral /tueb-gsuabg Yu. His daughter Ms. Daphne Yu the present president of both the companies, not only has successfully continued Cape Hope’s business in trading hardware merchandise, but also established AquaLean in 2003. A manufacturer and supplier of garden watering and other irrigation equipment, AquaLean now provides finest quality products at competitive prices to buyers from practically all part of the world, including mainly Australia, the United States, Japan and some European countries.

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Company Overview

Why Choose AquaLean?

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The garden trade fair, Cologne


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Simple Dial Electronic Tap Time

Simple Dial Electronic Tap Time
a newly designed tap timer for garden watering, mist cooling and micro dripping


2012/03/02 AM 11:18:56

The 20th edition of Feicon Batimat



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Comfort-Grip Plastic Fittings

Comfort-Grip Plastic Fittings
Soft Grip for comfortable and slip free use2


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Water Station Kit / AL172

Water Station Kit  AL172
the flexible drip system that connects straight to the garden hose.

Quick and easy to assemble.
Connects straight to garden hose or 13mm poly tube.
Can be used with gravity fed watering systems with adequate pressure.
Ideal for use in garden beds, borders and vegetable patches, or on patios and balconies with pot plants and hanging baskets.

The Flexi Drip Irrigation System includes all you need to install a drip irrigation system in your garden.  

  1 x 5 Outlet Water Station 

  5 x Adjustable Flow Spike Drippers 

  10m x 4mm Poly Tube 


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