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2014/09/03 PM 01:59:34

Company Overview

Why Choose AquaLean?

AquaLean combines the advantages of Taiwan and China! Here from Taiwan, we provide our factory with time-honored experience and expertise in design, manufacturing, and quality management to assure superior products that sell at fair prices in the global markets. Besides product quality, we also guarantee superb sales and after-sale service for which we have long earned our reputation. Functional-wise, AquaLean's product design is oriented towards "smart, efficient watering," and modeling-wise, towards "streamline, stylish shaping." AquaLean products are more than just tools for watering; they are something that lends color to gardens and yards. Another major reason for choosing AquaLean is its integrity in doing business -a philosophy which the "forerunner" company, Cape Hope, has so faithfully maintained for more than three decades since its inception and which AquaLean has been proud to follow and abide by. Choose AquaLean for its product quality and service, as well as for its integrity and dependability.

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